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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  March 21, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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3 3 good morning cincinnati. (ad lib to weather) 3
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3 local breaking news from glendale. that's where a car slammed into a pole on sharon road near willow avenue after being involved in a police pursuit. there were two people in the car and one of them is trapped.we have a crew on the way to the scene and will bring you more throughout the morning. 3 new this morning...we've learned a weekend crash that shut down part of i-275 was deadly ...police say a car
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kellogg avenue.the driver of the first car is in serious condition at u-c medical center right now.the driver in that car that was rear-ended was killed.investigators believe speed played a role.. and the first driver may have been impaired.. 3 time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...student safety concerns ... the social media scare causing concern for local parents ... plus ...pleading for help ... one local mother has spent weeks now worrying about her missing son ...her desparation
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3 now at four-30 ...deadly fall ...what's happening right now after a woman fell off a cliff ... 3 crucial campaign contests ... presidential candidates are making several stops to drum up votes ... 3 our local teams are out of the n-c-double-a tournament ...and they call it march madness for a reason ... 3 good morning cincinnati.thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm john lomax.and i'm sheila gray.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather. here's meterologist john gumm.
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3 new this morning ...we received several emails and phone calls from concerned parents about a threat made against local schools.a post was made on facebook threatening to bomb mount healthy, colerain, and walnut
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violence to quote" every other school in the cincinnati area within a 50 mile radius." police have since arrested the person who allegedly posted the message.we'll continue to follow this story, and bring you any details as we get them. 3 happening today ...a local woman is expected to learn her punishment for causing a deadly crash in east price hill.lindsey reynolds will be sentenced on several charges including aggravated vehicular homicide, and operating a vehicle under the influence. reynolds was behind the wheel last september when she lost control on delhi avenue.her car slammed into a utility pole, killing david jefferson. 3 an autopsy will be performed on a kenton county woman who died .. after falling from a cliff in the lexington area. 22-year old mary katherine stewart fell off an overlook at raven run nature sanctuary this weekend.she fell between 35 and 50 took firefighters about an hour to rappel down to recover her body.stewart was a 2012 graduate of notre dame academy. 3 crews are hoping conditions will be good enough this week
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search for a car that plunged into the ohio efforts were suspended last week because the rising river caused safety concerns.the car toppled over the side of the combs-hehl bridge after a pileup last might be tomorrow or wednesday before divers resume their search for the car.meanwhile, kentucky police say they've been contacted by the family of a missing person believed to have been driving that car. 3 it's been nearly three weeks since an east price hill mother has seen her son. police have put out a critical missing alert on darron richards junior... but so far he has not been found. as local 12's brad underwood reports... his mother just wants to know her son is okay. 3 if you've been to eden park in the last week, you've probably seen these signs. they're taped to light poles and trees in the park. pictured, 23- year-old darron richards jr. 32.41-48"this is very important to me as a mother and i just want to know where my son is at so i can get him somewhere safe and sound. " cassundra terry hasn't seen her son since march 3rd. she
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the phone a couple of days after that, but since then, no communication. 34.52-03"well i go to his apartment every day to check and see if he has been into his apartment. no he hasn't been into his apartment 58 i went to go clean up a couple of days ago and i noticed his mediation was there."terry says her son suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. she fears he's been off his medication since he moved out of her home and into his own apartment in east price hill a month ago. 33.15-22"he felt kind of good having his own place but i knew deep down in my heart he wasn't ready to move out on his own. "police also sent out an alert on richards jr. . he's known to hang out near the downtown library and parts of vine street. terry says she was recently told her son was spotted there.underwood 32 or 41.55-08"in addition to being spotted a couple of times in the downtown area, cassundra terry tells us her son was also spotted in walnut hills she also says he hasn't checked-in with the
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weeks." 35.25-39"he normally checks in at the talbert house. he has a payee at the talbert house, he picks his money up there once a week. this week he hasn't picked up his money, last week he didn't that's very strange for my son not to pick his money up." fearing the worst, terry just wants to know where her son is and wants to get him the help he needs. in east price hill, brad underwood local 12 news. 3 richards junior or know where cincinnati police at 513- 263-8333. local12 has been covering the efforts to curb cincinnati's poverty crisis leaders have been looking at the causes, and what may work in solving it ...and the poverty crisis will be the topic of discussion at a town hall event tonight. it runs from seven to eight at the national underground railroad freedom center. our own brad johansen will moderate. and angenenette levy will be the social media anchor. if you want to attend, email webmaster-at-local 12-dot-com.
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local12-dot-com. 3 ohio's election laws are under scrutiny in the federal courts right now.a federal judge is expected to rule on several policies, including the elimination of "golden week." those are days in which ohioans can register and vote at the same time.another federal judge is hearing a dispute over changes to absentee and provisional ballot requirements.there's also a lawsuit over the accessibility of paper absentee ballots for blind ohio voters. 3 there's been talk about expanding the cincinnati streetcar across the ohio river ...but others are pushing for a link to u-c's campus and of cincinnati president santa ono is getting vocal about it.. and made a speech that's getting a lot of hits on you-tube.ono framed the streetcar as a transportation issue which many cities are facing with their millennial population. 3 time/temp more local news a last-second upset, xavier's dream of becoming national champs is crushed with a second-round loss in the n-c-double-a
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ahead 63 to 60 over wisconsin with 15 seconds left ...but wisconsin's bronson koenig hit a deep three-pointer to tie things up ...then xavier turned the ball over on a charging violation with five seconds remaining ...and in the closing seconds, koenig nailed another three to bring the final score 66-63.u-c also lost this weekend, as well as kentucky. 3 time/temp ... 3 spring may have officially started ... but winter is sticking around just a little bit longer in some parts of the country ...from protecting the law .. to breaking it.what one state trooper is accused of doing before he was shot to death, next, on good morning
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break two3 new this morning ... investigators in pennsylvania are trying to figure out why a retired state trooper killed two people during a holdup ... police say clarence briggs robbed a turnpike toll plaza yesterday in fort littleton... he apparently killed a toll colector and a guard before he was shot dead by troopers.. while trying to escape with the money.briggs retired four years ago after 26 years on the force. 3 turning to campaign 2016 ... republican presidential frontrunner donald trump meets with party leaders in washington today.. before delivering a speech at a pro-israel conference.the events come ahead of crucial nominating contests for both republicans and democrats in arizona and utah tomorrow.
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democratic candidates. don champion has the latest from the campaign trail. 3 mr. trump goes to washington. gop presidential front-runner donald trump will be in the nation's capital today rallying party leaders behind him.(sot donald trump) "if we bring our party together we will win by numbers you've never seen before."trump is set to meet with nearly two dozen republicans.he's also scheduled to deliver a critical speech to aipac, america's leading pro-israel group.denouncing what they call trump's "hate speech," several rabbis plan to walk out of his speech.-nats-trump is still poised to beat rivals ted cruz and john kasich in the winner-take-all state of arizona tomorrow.even still, the possibility of a contested convention hangs over his head. (sot priebus/ abc) you have to have a majority of the delegates in order to be the nominee. there's nothing magical about the number. it's
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one's disenfranchised.favored to win in utah tomorrow, cruz contends he can stop trump in the delegate count.(sot cruz 17:26:52 ) we have a straightforward path to get to 1237 delegates and secure the republican nomination before the convention-nats-on the democratic side - bernie sanders is counting on wins out west to slow hillary clinton's momentum.thousands came to hear the vermont senator sunday night in spokane:(sot sanders 22:04:26) when the voter turnout is high, we win, when the voter turnout is low we loseclinton leads sanders by close to 800 delegates.don champion 3 after taking the weekend off -- clinton will return to the campaign trail today with an event in arizona.she's also scheduled to address aipac along with ted cruz and john kasich.bernie sanders is the only presidential candidate who won't speak at the conference. 3 new englanders will kick off the work week with a messy commuty ...forecasters are predicting a spring storm to drop four to eight inches of heavy, wet snow in massachusett s and rhose island today. southereaster massachusetts could get eight to ten inches. and parts of connecticut could
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maine's penebscot bay area could see the worst with up to foot of snow. 3 time/temp ... 3 offering help ... from a hospital bed a local mother is paying it forward to other soon-to-be ... a fun way to fight cancer ... one man is using his video game skills to do just that ... next, on good morning
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break three3 we're following local breaking news from glendale. that's where a car slammed into a pole on sharon road near willow avenue after being involved in a police pursuit. there were two people in the car and one of them is trapped. we have a crew on the way to the scene and will bring you more will bring you more 3 throughout the morning. 3 ohio lawmakers are considering a bill that would change the statewide ban on indoor smoking.right now, the state's smoking ban allows smoking in private clubs, but only if they're in free-standing buildings, have no employees, and are organized as a non-profit.the legislation would change would make it legal to smoke indoors at private clubs even if that club is next to other buildings, if it has only one
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is used solely for commercial purposes.the bill is under consideration at the ohio house and senate. 3 the cincinnati fire department is doing its part to raise down syndrome's world down syndrome day.and all this month, local firefighters have been wearing and selling t-shirts they made for the, proceeds from the shirt sales will be donated to the down syndrome association of greater cincinnati. 3 if you've ever experienced food poisoning, you know what a horrible experience it is. the c-d-c says one in six americans get food poisoning every year.and it has tips to keep your stomach safe.the number one rule for avoiding food poisoning.. is never leave perishable food out at room temperature.if you're planning a springtime picnic.. remember that bacteria thrives in warmer weather.. and bring a cooler.also, cook all meat thoroughly, wash hands a lot when you're cooking.. and toss any leftovers that are more than three to four days old. 3 a west chester mom is making a big difference in the lives of others ... from her own hospital bed.she's been at good samaritan hospital with a pregancy complication for two
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tells us what this mom did when she found out about it. 3 i am here now until the remainder.. until she is born. erin kelly was six months pregnant when doctor donna lambers, told her she had what's called placenta accreta: < dr. donna lambers / maternal fetal medicine 7:42:03 so the placenta is the afterbirth,, which feeds the baby from the uterine wall, and in some cases instead of it just adhering like a pancake, there are fingers of tissue that actually embed into the uterine wall.>that raises the risk for bleeding complicatons now -- in delivery however. treatment for this condition can require < 7: 46: 53 somewhere between four and twenty units of blood and that involves platelets,, red blood cells, and plasma.> < 7: 40: 52 is tease / stand up is at 7:41:38 but what she has been able to do,,right from her own hospital bed,, pretty remarkable.. she's not just making a difference raising awareness of this condition..she's also helping others in a very unique way.>
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and with the help of friends , began organizing community blood drives. to her surprise --< erin kelly/ mother 7:34: 40 it's absolutley amazing..just putting the story out there..people are really willing to help.> so much so dozens have stopped in to neighborhood blood donate in her name. her hope is that when you see this story,, or read her blog -- you too will be inspired to become a blood donor --< 7:35: 07 it;s just a good way to get other people to help and turn something scary..into something good.> 3 liz bonis reporting. erin is hoping for a safe delivery at 34 weeks.that's two weeks away. the blood donations help everyone, not just her. you can donate at any hoxworth center by calling 513-451-0910 more than 50 people have stopped in to donate in her name ... if you can, she says thank you!we also have a link to her blog at local12-dot-com. 3 now here's jen with a local 12 traffic alert. 3
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3 remember the good old days at the arcade with a pocket full of quarters and a slice of pizza? it's not as popular as it used to be... but in deer park, a dayton gamer recently
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playing pac man... and he did it for a very good cause.local 12's brad underwood takes you to "the place, retro arcade". 3 "pac-man nat sequence." "pac-man fever."it's not 3 something you associate with fighting cancer but the iconic 1980's arcade game is doing just that. at the controls evading blinky, pinky, inky and clyde is david race. you might have heard of him, he's the fastest in the world to complete a perfect game of pac-man. race lives in dayton but is seeking another perfect game in deer park. 06.40-48"it will be my seventh perfect pac-man on the tournament settings and it's for a good cause, draws attention to that "drawing attention and making a difference. this latest effort toward perfection is to raise funds for two women fighting cancer. lisa may of
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morgan donnellon of deer park. both have beaten cancer once but are now both fighting it again. 4.30-41 "a perfect pac- man whether i achieve it or not, let's say if people donate so much per board, 10 cents per board and i make it to the end, that's $25.60."it works much like a relay for life. there are pledges for each level race completes, but there's also raffles, gift baskets and a silent auction. the unique fundraising effort was race's idea and arcade owner cary chaney knew his shop was the perfect host venue. 08.44-53"it makes me feel good, this is a hobby for me so to have a business that allows me to help other people is wonderful. "in deer park, brad underwood local 12 news. 3 david race was successfull in his quest to record his seventh perfect game of pac- man. this is what the game screen looks like when you reach the end ... it crashes
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more on how you can help fund cancer research, we have a link at local 12 dot com. 3 time/temp ... 3 several local teams are now out of the n-c-double-a tournament we want to hear your reactions on the local12 facebook ... keeping students safe ... in style.we'll introduce you to the woman known to kids as the dancing lady ...ahead at five,
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break four3
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u-c, xavier, 3 and kentucky ... all out of the n-c-double-a today on facebook, we want to know ...what's your reaction to the games this weekend?
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 3 (show open) 3 now at five. 3 customers say they feel cheated.we'll tell you why some claim that a popular chain is underfilling your latte. 3 march madness is more like march *sad*ness!we'll bring you an update on the cats.. the muskies.. the hoosiers and the bearcats. 3
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those top stories in just a moment.bob herzog has the morning off.but first we want to start with a first check of your's


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